Phishing Scams
One of the largest providers of white label ATMs in India was besieged with fake websites attempting to dupe customers with phishing attacks. Multiple cases of fraud were being reported to the company by people who had lost money.
The company needed a solution that could nullify the infringements quickly and prevent new infringements.
Unique Challenge (Common Use Case)
  • Large financial loss to customers 

  • Backlog of high priority infringements

  • Sector prone to frauds

Platforms Used
  • Domains

  • Websites

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Our monitoring and nullification program was a perfect fit for the client and was geared to provide a rapid relief to the challenge. We put in place a rapid monitoring and enforcement to clear up the backlog.
  • Using advanced cluster analytics we shut down 80% of the backlog of infringing websites within 48 hours.

  • For further legal action, we identified the owners of the domains and other information regarding website and hosting

  • With our fuzzy matching algorithm we created a threat intelligence map, for acquisition of relevant digital assets

Over 80% of the fraudulent websites were shutdown in 48 hours. By the 3rd reporting period, new rate of new emerging infringements was down by 90%.