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We combine the best

of AI & Human Intelligence to process 1000s of Intellectual Property (IP) infringements, automatically across all internet platforms


Brand Protection

Find infringement.
Assess threat.
Enforce brand rights

Fast & Comprehensive

Crawl the Internet

By combining the power of AI and Human intelligence we can identify even the most obscure IP violations


Our analysts can identify threats in multiple languages be it, Hindi, Thai, Bhasha or Mandarin

Nimble & Smart

Continuous feedback mechanism helps avoid false positive and improve the hit rate of infringements 


Prioritize & Focus

100s of Parameters 

We use 100s of parameters to identify the threat posed by each infringement

Global Databases

Our analytical module uses data points from across the globe to improve the assessment

Specific Industry Knowledge

Each brand benefits from threat information amassed across multiple identifications and enforcements

Efficient & Cost Effective

Blazing Fast

85% of enforcements are completed within 48 hours of approval

Bring Down, Keep Down

Our monitoring service checks for re-emergence of infringements that have been successfully shutdown and acts immediately.

Global Reach

We can nullify IP infringements across the world, irrespective of the location of the platform or the infringer


We cover multiple internet platforms to identify, 

assess and report brand infringements and enforce brand rights.
Social Media
App Stores

How can we help you?


Our system works 24/7 to find infringements quickly and efficiently

Transparent Fees

A flat fee structure helps keep the costs in check and encompasses multiple services


We work with experts with deep understanding and knowledge of the brand’s industry

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