How LdotR helped a finance sector company protect its customers from fraud


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Fake website duping applicants of lakhs of rupees

IndiaOneATM is the largest provider of white label ATMs in India, with a presence in over 1000 locations.

Cyber squatters had created fake websites and were sending 1000s of emails to people with fake lucrative schemes.

Many people fell prey to the scam but the actions initiated by IndiaOne were not able to keep up with the changing dynamics of the online threat.

Enforcing Brand Rights

  1. Identify cyber squatter - We identified the owner of the domain and other information regarding website and hosting even with severe restrictions on such information

  2. Nullify infringement - Using advanced cluster analytics we shut down the website within 48 hours.

  3. Prevent Infringements - With our fuzzy matching algorithm we created a threat intelligence map, for acquisition of relevant digital assets