Corporate domain management is a niche area in the larger field of Digital Asset Management for trademarks and brands in the company’s portfolio.

Digital Asset Management is a set of policy, process and procedure that enable the effective and efficient management of a company’s digital assets. This involves the assessment of the company’s brands, sub brands and trademarks and ascertaining the equivalent digital assets for acquisition.

Digital Assets comprise domains, social media handles and other online presence across digital platforms that are used to communicate brands messages to consumers, customers and employees.

While acquisition of domains involves financial consideration, most other digital assets can be acquired with a well thought out strategy and timely execution.

A successful domain portfolio should


That helps the business successfully market itself and defend itself using the domains in the portfolio

Be Proactively Managed

to keep the portfolio size in tandem with the business needs and future opportunities.

Efficient & Effective

By putting in place the required policies and procedures, the domain portfolio can become a true asset on par with trademarks

Domain Acquisition

Domain acquisition, especially when it is not readily available, is not a straight forward transaction. It involves detailed study of the domain’s history to ensure that the domain is free from unwanted backlinks, and history. Using a domain, acquired in resale, without proper background check and negatively impact the business in SEO and SER.

Further, there are multiple companies and individuals involved in the resale of a domain. By utilizing our experience and know-how, we can help businesses and brands acquire domains more cost effectively and more efficiently. Given that the domain is a digital asset, it is critical to be extra cautious and careful when purchasing a domain and ensuring that the asset is properly acquired and secured before the transaction is complete.

Domain Portfolio Assessment & Management

An unbalanced domain portfolio is a drain on both capital and effort. While at one end, unrequired domains bloat the portfolio, at the other end, essential domains are not registered posing a high risk of being registered by 3rd party and threat actors.

A balanced domain portfolio provides cost effective protection against brand infringements while at the same time enabling a consistent external and visual of the brand and trademark to consumer, customers and employees alike.

Domain portfolio management is an ongoing activity, that helps keep the portfolio sharp and effective while generating a positive ROI on the investment. A good domain portfolio should provide

  • Necessary coverage across legacy and new gTLDs

  • Support in the regions of business operation with the right mix of ccTLDs

  • Security, by balancing the budget with the preventive registrations

  • Coverage in new and upcoming TLDs that are relevant to the brand


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