Acquiring, Managing and Utilizing the digital assets crucial to the brand


A Digital trademark is the first line of defense against domain infringements for a brand.

While traditional trademarks are filed and acquired in the home country of jurisdiction or new countries where the company operates in, a Digital Trademark is global in nature and helps protect the brand against domain infringement across the globe.

In 2012 ICANN launched the new gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) program introducing new and innovative Top Level Domains to the world. Today, we have over 1500 TLDs that can be used to register a domain name, these are classified in the following categories:

  • Legacy TLDs – .com, .net, .org, .info etc.

  • Country TLDs – .in, .uk, .us, .tv etc.

  • New gTLDs – .top, .xyz, .cafe, .online, .web

  • A full list of all active TLDs can be accessed on our blog.

Challenge for Brand Owners

How to prevent domain infringement/cybersquatting across the new gTLDs?

In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in instances of fraudulent websites coming online. These fake websites divert traffic from the original website and then prompt prospective customers to enter sensitive financial and personal details. It also has a direct impact on the company’s revenue because of reduced valuable traffic.

How does a Digital Trademark work?

  • First right to acquire a matching domain name – Before second-level registrations are allowed on a new gTLD there is a mandatory specific period called Sunrise. During a Sunrise period, only the holders of a valid Digital Trademark can acquire domains names that exactly match their Digital Trademark. This allows Trademark owners to acquire the domain name before it is open to general public.

  • Deterrent to possible domain infringements – During the first 90 days of general availability (when anyone can register a domain name) of a new gTLD, every time someone attempts to acquire a domain name that is an exact match to a digital trademark, the registrant will get a warning  that they may be infringing on a domain name. In our experience, in 95% of the cases, the registrant does not proceed with the registration thus preventing abuse of the brand/Trademark

  • Notification of infringements – If anyone acquires a domain name in the new gTLDs that exactly matches the digital trademark, the owner of the digital trademark will be notified of the infringement immediately. A Digital trademark also enables brands to participate in other services which not only help with the new gTLDs but can also protect and safeguard a brand in legacy and ccTLDs across the globe.

How to acquire a Digital Trademark?

Filing a digital trademark is a tedious process. It requires specialized skills and experience, as well as exhaustive documentation. LdotR has an unparalleled knowledge of the ICANN procedure, gained through managing digital trademark registration for multiple brands.

They will not only file and manage the application, but will also keep you abreast of the new developments in the domain field and notify you when new gTLDs are coming online.


Domains are the starting point on the internet for each and every user. Every conversation that starts today begins with the right domain. For organizations with multiple brands and trademarks, it is a daunting task to know which domains across which TLDs (Top level domains such as .com) to acquire, monitor, or block.
The problem is generally compounded by the fact that in a large organization, multiple people/departments buy domains on behalf of the organization and these fall through the cracks.
It is not uncommon for organizations to hold domains which they are not even aware of. In many cases, due to lack of oversight and proper policy, important domains are not renewed and the whole online infrastructure collapses.
Our team and panel of experts have helped organizations create proper procedure and policy to acquire, manage, renew and discard domains names that are aligned with the company trademark and brand strategy.
We enable companies to buy domains within all jurisdiction in the world and manage them ensuring that they do not fall through the cracks.
Contact us to provide a free valuation of your domain portfolio and provide insights in its best utilization.


An important aspect of management of digital assets is the acquisition and use of social media identities across multiple platforms. We assist businesses in identifying the right handles and creating & executing the acquisition plan.
The right plan ensures that customers always interact with the right social media identity and have a uniform and consistent experience across all brand and marketing touchpoints.