Domain Name & Website

By the end of 2020 there were more than 360Mn domain names and over 400 Mn active websites across the world. Signifying a great opportunity for brands and businesses to reach millions of users, but also posing a great challenge.

With the expansion of the domain space, comes the ever-increasing threat from cybercrime. 

The advent of the new gTLD changed the nature of threat and expanded the scope of brand abuse by 1000-fold with the introduction of over 1500 new gTLDs.

To protect the brand and business, it is now not sufficient to just block a few domains; it is equally important to periodically scan the domain space to identify possible infringements and act against them in a timely manner. 

Our technology scans multiple domains types and TLDs in order to identify possible infringements.

We can identify infringements that are an exact match and those that are like the brand name. Irrespective of the position of the brand name in the domain name, it can be identified by our search algorithm.

Legacy TLDs - .com,

Country Code TLDs - .in,.uk, .us

New generic TLDs - .red, .jobs

IDN TLDs - .我爱你, .公司

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