Finding and Removing Fake Lottery Scam
Fake lucky draw and lottery scams were eroding the company’s brand value
The company was receiving 1000s of complaints from customers who were losing money to fake lucky draw schemes.
These scams were being perpetrated using fake domain names, websites and social media handles and posts.
In order to protect its brand value and to maintain the customer trust, the company wanted a solution that can identify these scams in real time and stop them from duping its customers.
Unique Challenge (Common Use Case) 
  • Large number of new infringements

  • Infringements across multiple platforms

  • Threat actors using multiple keywords

Platforms Used
  • Domains

  • Websites

  • Social Media

LdotR implemented a rapid monitoring, assessment and nullification program. In that we
  • Identified and filled the gaps in the digital assets of the company to prevent infringements

  • Put in place process and policies for management of the digital assets

  • Discussed with the client and set in pre-agreed parameters for prioritization of the infringements

  • Agreed set benchmarks for enforcements and automatically initiated the process for high priority infringements

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Reduction of over 75% in the number of new infringements after only 4 month of operations.
In 9 months the high priority infringements were close to ZERO.
The cost of management of digital assets was reduced by over 40%