One of the fastest growing health and wellness companies in India with new services and products being added every few months was looking for a solution to online brand impersonation and infringement.
As the company was expanding rapidly, the founders wanted to ensure that the brand does not fall victim to cybersquatting and infringement across digital platforms  - Domains, Social Media, Online Marketplaces, and App stores.
Unique Challenge (Common Use Case)
  • No registered trademark

  • Multiple brands and sub brands

  • Some generic brand names

Platforms Used
  • Domains

  • Social Media

  • Online Marketplaces

  • App stores

Our Proactive brand protection solution was a perfect fit for the client’s requirement.
  1. Asset acquisition - As the brand evolves we identified the most at risk assets and acquired them for the business to proactively prevent infringements

  2. Infringement monitoring - We continually scanned the digital platforms to identify possible infringements on the brand and take action against them

  3. Nullify threats - On identification of high priority infringements we were able to take action against them immediately, preventing harm to the brand equity and the customers.

The proactive action proved to be a deterrent to threat actors and the no cases of fraud were reported by clients and partners. The brand owned all the relevant digital assets from the get go and continues to acquire new assets as new services are added to the portfolio.

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