App Store

Nearly 90% of the mobile internet time is spent on apps. This is geared to increase with the rising number of apps on the popular app platforms – 3.4 Mn in Google Play(Q4,2020) and 2.1Mn in Apple App Store.

App stores are a fertile ground for fraudsters and scamsters to impersonate brands in order to float dubious apps.

A fraudulent app can seriously harm the users mobile or computer, steal personal data and transaction history.

Our monitoring service can notify the brand owner about possible infringements where an app uses the brand either in title or the description.

We scan not only the major app stores such as iOS / iTunes App Store, Google Play, the Amazon Appstore, and the Microsoft Windows Store; we also look at niche app stores and regional app stores in order to identify possible infringements.

Platforms We Monitor

  • Apple app store

  • Google play

  • Amazon app store

  • Windows App store

We can monitor other platforms as required

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