The governing body of internet, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) a nonprofit organization, introduced a new program in 2011 called gTLD. The aim of this program was to introduce new TLDs to expand the internet from the original TLDs (.COM, .NET, .ORG, and others) and ccTLDs (.USA, .IN etc.). This has led to the introduction of over 1200 new TLDS, which have dramatically increased the internet space. New gTLDs such as .XYZ, .Club, .top, .loan and other have gained over 23 million registration with .top, .xyz and .loan being the top three.
On one hand this is a great opportunity for the expansion of internet and for businesses to acquire website address that are more relevant and better suited, on the other, it has created new threats for brand owners in term of brand protection.Earlier protecting the brand was difficult but limited to the 22 TLDs and applicable ccTLDs, but with the introduction of over 1200 new TLDs, securing brand related domains in all the TLDs is not financially feasible anymore.
Securing the brand now needs new strategies which safeguard brand proactively and reactively as the need arises.


LdotR has partnered with CentralNIC to bring their expertise and years of experience in the domain industry to the Indian market.
CentralNic is one of the world’s pioneering registry service providers, offering registry services, distribution, and strategic consultancy for new TLDs, ccTLDs and SLDs.
They supported over 60 gTLD applications in the first round of gTLDs, including .wiki, .bar, .xyz and, .ink and are the largest registry back-end provider worldwide, with over 5 million gTLD domains under management. In addition, they have helped over 50 new gTLD migrations from other backend providers to their platform.
Their specialized service for global brands, DotBrand Solutions, is behind the applications for household name and multi-billion dollar company applicants spanning three continents.
They operate from their global headquarters in London plus offices in New York, Dubai and Los Angeles. They also have on-the-ground account executives in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Melbourne and India.


One of the greatest beneficiary of the new gTLD program is brand owners. A total of 664 brands applied for a unique .Brand TLD and businesses such as Google, BMW, Barcalays and SBI are actively using the new .Brands to create a unique space for themselves in the online world.

As of 2017, over 550 companies have launched their .Brands and others are in the process of launching soon.

Some of the potential benefits of operating a Brand gTLD registry include:

• Memorable internet addresses
• Increased brand awareness and brand equity
• Better management of second level domains
• Increased security against trademark abuses
• New opportunities for website marketing campaigns and strategies

CentralNIC and LdotR bring the experience of applying for, launching and managing multiple .Brand gTLDs to the table and have great insights on how best to utilize the valuable .Brand resource. If you own a valuable Brand and would like to know how you can acquire a .Brand or utilize .Brand that you already own, please contact us.