Decoding the Crux of Top Level Domains

What are the 1500+ domain TLDs? and what do they mean?

Business and brand owners are constantly vigilant about their need to ensure that they are extracting the best out of the available TLDs for their business and brand. We get quite a lot of queries from these clients asking us about the different TLDs actively available on the internet today.

To answer their queries & to facilitate this search, we have compiled a list of all the TLDs that are present in the root zone database as notified by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). The number of TLDs is constantly growing every day and the data provided here is valid as of 1st June, 2018. We will periodically keep updating the list for the ease and convenience of clients.

There are a total of 1576 registered TLDs in the IANA Database as of now, which can be categorized as follows:

Few Notable Facts:

  • All ccTLDs have an extension of 2 letters/characters except for IDNs, which can be of more than 2 letters/characters.

  • There are 57 IDN ccTLDs and 255 Latin character ccTLDs.

  • IANA does not differentiate between legacy TLDs and new gTLDs and clubs them together under ‘generic’ category.

  • The three generic restricted TLDs are .biz, .name, and .pro. These are restricted for second-level registration for businesses, individuals, professionals, and related entities respectively.

  • The longest TLDs are 17 characters long. Two Brand TLDs share the crown of having the longest TLDs – NorthWesternMutual and TravelersInsurance.

  • The lone infrastructure TLD is .ARPA, which is used for reverse IP lookup. It now stands for Address and Routing Parameter Area.

  • Sponsored TLDs have a sponsor for specific purposes. The sponsor may belong to a specific ethnic community, professional group, or geographical location. For e.g. the sponsor for .XXX domain is International Foundation for Online Responsibility.

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