• Khusbu Sharma

Webinar: What not to do in UDRP/INDRP?

A big thanks to all the attendees who took time to attend and participate in the Webinar - What not to do in UDRP, by LdotR and Ankur Raheja.

We are truly overwhelmed with the attention this webinar received.

The webinar was designed to throw light on the pitfalls and the intricacies of Domain Name Dispute (DND) as are faced by brands and trademark holders.

We shared 7 famous cases of brands such as Tata, Vogue, Kalyan Jewelers, Puma and the mistakes that these brands made and how complainants can avoid them in their own future DNDs.

LdotR is an online brand protection company, helping brands fight trademark abuse across all online platforms using techno-legal solutions that help brands identify, assess and nullify infringements economically, effectively and efficiently.

Ankur Raheja is a Domain Arbitration Panelist, and an IP lawyer with over 15 years of experience. He has presided over 30 Domain arbitrations as solo panelist with NIXI (India), ADNDRC (Hong Kong), and MFSD (Italy).

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