Social Media

Social Media websites are one the most visited websites on the internet. With companies such as Facebook clocking almost 2.23 Bn Monthly Active Users. 

Compared to domains and websites, social media websites are an easy channel for cyber criminals to abuse brand rights.

Creating a presence on a social media websites does not cost any money and they provide absolute anonymity to the users, since there is no validation of the users.

With the rising number of users on the social media platform and the increasing number of platforms themselves, it is no surprise that social media is a serious threat to a brand and businesses.

Our search algorithms identify infringements on the targeted social media platforms using advanced matching algorithms that scan text, images and videos.

Scanning through posts, pages, groups, images and videos, we can identify and assess possible infringements on the brand.

Platforms We Monitor

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Youtube

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Quora

We can monitor other platforms as required

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