Trademark Clearing House

Proactive defense against online brand infringement in the domain space

With the rapid expansion of the domain space, there are more than 1500 new Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .Red, .Rentals, .Beauty and many more. The earlier strategy of buying the relevant and typo domains to protect the brand cannot be extended to apply to so many TLDs.

Considering this challenge, ICANN, the governing body of the internet, decided to provide a mechanism by which brand owners and businesses can protect their brands from rampant abuse by registering their brands with the Trade Mark Clearing House (TMCH) for a set of unique benefits that are only available to the brand holders.

These unique benefits enable the brand owners to stay ahead of the cybercriminals and threat actors by providing advance warnings, notifications and opportunity to register relevant domains before the general public.

LdotR is an authorized agent of TMCH in India and South Asia and is uniquely positioned to consult and help businesses understand the advantages of TMCH and help secure the same for their brands.

The benefits of an entry in the TMCH Database.


First right to acquire a matching domain name

On the launch of a new gTLD, there is a specific period called Sunrise period during which only trademark holders with a verified entry in the TMCH database can acquire the matching domain name. This allows trademark owners to acquire the domain before it is opened for registration to the general public.


Deterrent to possible domain infringements

During the first 90 days of general availability, every time someone attempts to acquire a domain name that is an exact match of a digital trademark, the registrant will get a warning  that they may be infringing on a domain name. In our experience, in 95% of the cases the registrant does not proceed with the registration thus preventing abuse of the brand/TradeMark


Notification of infringements

If anyone acquires a domain name in the new gTLDs, that matches the verified trademark entry in the TMCH, the owner of the  trademark will be notified of the infringement immediately. This enables rapid notification, assessment and action against the brand.

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