Common Types Of Threats

Fraudulent Lucky Draw Offers
Fake Distributorships
Invalid Job Offers
Counterfeit Products
Fake Customer Care Numbers
Unauthorised Affiliate Websites

All Encompassing and Comprehensive Brand Protection

Brands are the face of a company and are one of the most important business assets.

The ever increasing penetration of the internet and the prevalence of digital communication poses a great threat to brands and businesses alike.

To counter this threat, LdotR provides a comprehensive set of services that work proactively to prevent infringements and continually monitor the internet to identify, assess & report and nullify such threats.

Did You Know?

Rs 1-lakh crore is lost annually from counterfeit products in India alone

We work across all internet platforms to help brands stay safe and secure.

These platforms cover the public face of the internet and where the majority of threats against the brands are carried out.

Our Process



We scan over 350Mn domains to identify possible infringements against a brand. The domains across categories - Legacy, Sponsored, ccTLD and the new gTLDs are scanned to provide a comprehensive view of the threat landscape.


With over 400 Mn active websites and thousands being added daily, the challenge for brands is to stay on top of this data tsunami. Our algorithms continually monitor the ever increasing number of websites to check for brand infringements.

Social Media

100s of social media websites serve millions of users daily, with new users being added everyday. These platforms are a haven for brand infringements and threat actors, who invest little with the propensity for large gains via brand infringements. We continually scan the content on these platforms to protect the brand.


With over 100 major e-commerce websites across the world and many more being added daily, e-commerce is the fastest growing platform on the internet. Indian e-commerce is expected to reach US$84 Billion by 2021, providing a fertile ground for threat actors to market and sell counterfeit products. We use advanced matching algorithms to find similar products via text matching and image matching technology to identify possible infringements on the brand.

App Stores

There are many app stores that are used to provide fraudulent and unauthorised applications for mobiles across different operating systems. Our search service monitors these platforms and identifies any attempt to infringe on a brand name or imitate a business.

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