LdotR - An Online Brand Protection Company

Helping businesses safeguard their brands against online threats on all digital platforms.

We are an online Brand Protection Agency, helping businesses safeguard their brands against threats from all digital platforms.

Our services are designed for brands to identify, and assess online threats such as brand impersonation, brand infringements, counterfeiting, etc. and also enforce their trademark rights. 

Combining years of experience with advanced technology, we deliver results customized to each business and brand to ensure a positive, measurable ROI.

Focus On What Matters

We can focus on one or more platforms that are most relevant to the brand or where the threat is loud and evident. As the threat evolves, we can add or remove platforms from the search, assess and enforce strategy to provide a positive ROI on the efforts.

Digital Solutions For Digital Problems

Brands need to enforce their rights and nullify infringement at the same pace as which they occur. While traditional legal channels are useful, we utilize digital means in order to provide rapid relief to brand owners by neutralizing threats within hours and days.


Human & Machine Intelligence

Identifying and assessing threats across online platforms is heavily dependent on context, experience and supplemental information. We use both, machine intelligence and human analysts to assess and vet our findings and reports.

Across Teams, Across Discipline

Brand protection is a holistic effort working with different teams and across discipline within an organization. We work hand-in-hand with legal, IP, branding, and marketing teams to protect the brand and provide reports and solutions that help each department.


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We offer a complete range of online Brand protection solutions ranging from preventive to reactive.

Digital Asset Acquisition & Active Management

Online Brand Protection Across Platforms and Channels

dotBrand Consulting

New Brand Selection & Development

Brand Enforcement Services


Contact our brand protection consultants for an online landscape report today!

The Way We Work

Our work is based on the client's needs and requirements. The dynamic nature of the online world coupled with the ever innovative and shifting threat landscape, necessitates an equally adaptive approach to brand protection.

We use the right blend of technology and human intelligence to seek out threats to the brand and take timely action against it to help protect the brand and its customers and consumers.



Superior crawling combined with contextual searching helps us find brand threats that may not be directly searchable



As per our approach, our reporting format is also adaptive and can accommodate the different client requirements. Summary sheet is a great way to keep CXOs updated on the efforts and results



Using data from multiple sources, including past infringements, we can more accurately assess the threat from an infringement and classify it accordingly.



Our enforcement methodology combines the best of digital know how and techno legal solutions to provide rapid relief to infringements and helps apply and sustain the rights of brands in the online space.


Our Clients

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