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Take Down of
Brand Infringements

Our proprietary technology can bring down brand infringements across all online platforms – Domains, Websites, Social Media, Marketplaces and Appstores.

Why traditional legal methods are ineffective?

Time Consuming

Legal remedies can seldom match the speed that is needed to effectively tackle digital challenges


A flat fee structure helps keep the costs in check and encompasses multiple services

Short Lived

Legal remedies do not provide long term relief to the brand from infringements


How do brand infringements hurt the business?

Loss of brand equity

Counterfeits, frauds and passing-off have a direct negative impact on the brand equity and customer trust

Loss of revenue

Every time a counterfeit a purchased or a customer visits a fraudulent website, it results in direct loss of revenue.

Loss of stakeholder trust

 Repeated frauds and purchase of counterfiets drastically reduces the stakeholder trust including vendors and suppliers

How does our brand enforcement solution work?

No Legal Involvement

We do not need a cyber cell complaint or an FIR copy in order to bring down the infringement

Connect with Internet Suppliers

We work with companies that are involved in domains, social media, marketplaces to bring down infringements

Keep Down

Once we take action against an infringement, its our responsibility to monitor and take action again if necessary to keep the infringement down


Our Success


Success rate across clients and platforms


Shutdown within 48 hours


Cheaper than traditional legal remedy (UDRP)

We have developed specific techniques and tools that help us deliver consistently and safeguard our customer’s brands.

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