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One of the largest FMCG companies in India wanted to reduce the cost of ownership of digital assets and increase the ROI of their investments

Unique Challenge (Common Use Case)

Huge digital assets portfolio

Multiple geographies and product lines

No existing policy for management

Platforms Used


Social Media


In order to assist the brand we took an in depth analysis of the brand portfolio, trademark portfolio and products & services in order to create a comprehensive matrix. The matrix  enabled us to create and execute strategies for the portfolio.

Identify the high priority gaps in the digital asset portfolio and put in place a process to acquire these assets.

Assets that were not aligned with the products or brands or services were let go to reduce the cost of the portfolio

For the brands that were at 'High Risk', we successfully entered them in the global trademark database for domains protection.

The existing digital assets were consolidated on 2 platforms to increase the efficiency of the entire portfolio.

Domains in the portfolio were properly configured to reduce the chances of theft and to increase their utility

The cost of the digital assets portfolio was reduced by 30% and the efficiency of the portfolio was increased by 25%.

New high priority digital assets were acquired for current and future use of the brands.

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