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Domain Management

Proactively safeguard and manage your most important digital asset - Domains

Domains are your most important digital assets

You cannot afford to mismanage or lose them.

A secure and global online presence is critical for developing and managing brands. Registering the right set of domains is the first step to marketing your brand to the world. Active domain management is the first line of defence to preventing brand abuse and maximizing the ROI. 

Managing domains is not a simple process, it requires experience, expertise, and technology to deliver the expected gains. Insufficient domain coverage and mistakes about laws can result in lost opportunities, decline of customer trust, and expensive, adhoc acquisitions. 


Managing a domain portfolio properly requires  deep knowledge about the industry with connections that can help provide the right support at the right time


Experience in Domain  Management

Our leadership has been in the field of domains for more than a decade, helping businesses identify, acquire, and manage domains.


Deep expertise and Industry knowledge.

We actively participate in domain policy development and execution in ICANN and other global industry bodies. This enables us to stay informed and support our clients with the required expertise and knowledge.


Advance technology platform

Our domain management platform is state of the art providing ease of use and security, enabling users a complete view and access of their domains at any time.

Exceptional support and superior technology make us a great partner in your brand building journey.

1 on 1

Customized service and support for each client


Domains are handled by our platform


TLDs supported on  our platform

Domain Acquisition

Specialised job for experienced people.

Acquiring domain is an art as well as a science. Done well, it can be a quick and trouble free, otherwise it can be a disappointing and expensive transaction.

Major Challenges with Domain Acquisition


Ownership information is not available. With GDPR coming into effect, registrars have redacted the ownership information for domains. Hence, it is not so easy to identify the domain owner to start a negotiation.


Domain Valuation is difficult. There is no standard measure to ascertain the value a domain. For a successful domain transaction, the domain price is a critical component to decide.


Domain Transfer is not straightforward. Even if the domain price is agreed between the seller and the buyer, the actual process of acquiring the domain and taking its ownership is fraught with danger and requires expertise.


Our unique acquisition service.

Our domain acquisition service is designed to ensure greater transparency and accountability than traditional service providers. Our experience and expertise enable us to 

Locate domain buyers across the world. 

Every brand today is exposed to consumers and customers from across the world and every brand creation process should keep the worldview in mind even if at the start the brand is only targeting the local market.

Price the domain correctly.

Handling multiple domain transactions gives us an advantage when it comes to pricing the domains. This enables the buyer to be prepared and the price of the domain is not a surprise later in the process

Easy domain transfer. 

One of the trickiest parts of domain acquisition is executing the deal. Legal agreement, international money transfer, and taking ownership of the domain are all important steps. We have bought domains from across the world and are well versed with the process.

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